Andrea Benudiz

After several years of battling obesity, depression & anxiety; I truly believe I found myself and my dream job! I am not the same person I was 20 years ago, or even last week for that matter. I believe life is about growth, lessons and self love! Function has given me the opportunity to recognize that, to train harder, to reach my personal and career goals! The best part of it is; everyday I get stronger mentally and physically so I can be the best kind of role model to my children, my clients and my peers! Kickboxing has always been a constant passion in my life! There isn’t a better feeling than putting on a pair of gloves and hitting a bag! I am Certified Fitness Kickboxing and MMA Conditioning Specialist, Personal Trainer and a Certified CYCLE ONE Instructor. Life is a journey, a blessing and a roller coaster ride all in one! So Ladies….put on a pair of gloves, roll up your sleeves and meet me on the bag, we can work it out together!! Andrea