A low impact, joint friendly version of our signature XROW class. Music is age appropriate and reduced in volume. 

Enjoy some age appropriate tunes and tone up with this easy to follow workout. You’ll use a step, barbell, free weights and bands to target every muscle. All levels welcome!

An entry level TRX class in a Tabata style format. 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off. Low impact but high energy!

This is a one hour gentle yoga class; Great for beginners, new members to the studio, and our active aging members.

A 20 minute bike class for women 60+. A great way to get a cardiovascular workout that is low impact. The music in this class is age appropriate and reduced in volume. 

Lengthen your muscles and strengthen your joints! Great music leads you through a fun and challenging workout. No equipment required! Done in grip socks or barefoot.

Designed to include women who find regular Zumba too fast and complicated. Come sweat ad smile to a simpler step pattern. Anyone can Zumba!