Active Aging


Silver Riders is a 20 minute gentle ride developed for our 60+ crowd. The music offered in this class is a blast for the past which includes Elvis, Harry Belafonte, Elton John, etc.


This is a one hour gentle yoga class; Great for beginners, new members to the studio, and our active aging members.


This class combines the principles of Pilates for a unique workout using the small Pilates ball, gliders, and hand weights. It’s a great workout that targets the core while lifting, shaping and firming the body from head to toe!


Zumba® Gold takes all the excitement from the original Zumba® class and introduces it to the active older adult, the beginner participant, and the other special populations that may need modifications to benefit from Zumba®. This explosive program is designed so that everyone can do it. Zumba® Gold guarantees the usual… the best time of your life… but in a safe, well-paced and effective format.


A muscle conditioning class with basic moves covering all major muscle groups. This class is a great way to tone and improve strength, finishing off the class with ABS. This class is for beginners and our active aging members.


A Gentle reformer class using props that make it easier for ladies that may have back, hip, wrist issues, and more. The class is light resistance training focusing on upper alignment and full range of motion. For more information on Reformer and how it works please see our Reformer page.