Our Collagentex Light Therapy is the world’s most powerful skin rejuvenation system.

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This light therapy is Health Canada and FDA approved. It is the only light system in the world that offers 10 high energy infrared wave lengths. All other light therapy devices offer a maximum of 4 wave lengths. It is also the only light system that uses plasma lights covered in quartz crystal. All other devices use LED bulbs.

Proven Benefits Include

—Increased collagen production

—Improved circulation 

—Helps with hair loss

—Helps with varicose veins

—Helps with migraines

—Reduced cellulite

—Reduced scar tissue

—Reverse sun damage, lighten age spots, reduce wrinkles

—Activate PRP & stem cell injections

—Reduced inflammation

—Helps with digestive issues

—Enhance performance & reduced recovery time

—Help sore joints

—Improve bone health

—Improve back pain

—Golfers elbow

—Increases immune function

—Rheumatoid pain

—Diabetic foot ulcers

—Carpal tunnel pain

—Haemorrhoid shrinkage

—Testosterone boost in men

—Helps with vaginal dryness after menopause

—Improves oxygen in your blood cells

—Pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation

—Micro ruptured ligaments

—Achilles heel