3 exercises, 20 reps, 3 rounds.

Build that booty in our abs and ass class! With the use of dumbbells, booty bands and full attention on your glutes your butt is bound to be sore the next day.

Feel the burn and embrace the shake! A music driven workout that is low impact but high intensity. We use light dumbbells, bands, gliders and ankle weights. All level friendly! Grip socks recommended. 

Bike: Come sweat it out in our spin room where we keep the music and vibes high. A 45 minute intense but low impact cardiovascular workout. Each class is a full-body workout designed to strengthen both your mind and body.

Beginner Bike: A 30 minute bike class for those at a beginner level or trying bike for the first time.  

Bike/Weights: 30 minutes of bike & 30 minutes of weights.

Bike/Abs: 30 minutes of bike and 15 minutes of abs. 

Bike/Stretch: 30 minutes of bike and 15 minutes of stretching.

An interval class with a mix of high and low impact cardio and conditioning components using free weights and bands. This class finishes with core work. Perfect for every fitness level.

This class combines the principles of Pilates for a unique workout using the small Pilates ball, gliders, and hand weights. It’s a great workout that targets the core while lifting, shaping and firming the body from head to toe!

Bootcamp style workout combining cardio and resistance training.

Increase lean muscle mass, scorch calories and decrease stress in this 45 minute high intensity boxing MMA interval.

30 minutes of high intensity cardio kickboxing followed by 30 minutes of a boxing circuit.

Full body weight training class. We incorporate a step, dumbbells and other props to help bring on the ultimate sweat.

A total body workout that encourages you to lift heavier weights to build strength, burn fat and work up a wicked sweat!

A HIIT circuit style class with boxing and weights. 

Turn it up with our custom Pilates Sculpt class. This 45 minute class is a total body workout with a strong emphasis on core. The goal is to build strength and mobility.

A combination of rowing and lifting weights. In this full body class you will rotate between doing cardio on the rower and using weights to build your muscular strength and endurance in a 45 minute class.

A fun and challenging cardio class using the Reebok step. Moves are pre-choreographed in combinations. There are always options for both beginners and advances steppers ! This class finishes up with toning and ABS.

A function special. This class is for the advanced who aren’t afraid to sweat! You’ll rotate between using the bike, rower, battle ropes and weights.

Strengthen your upper body in our upper and abs class! Tone and sculpt your arms in this strength-based class. We use dumbbells, gliders and bands to enhance your workout.

A HIIT style workout using the rower, TRX and weights. This 45 minute class is a total body sweat!

Vinyasa Flow: Our Vinyasa classes emphasize the marriage between breath and movement. The sequences will help build balance, strength and mobility in a way that challenges every body, but also allows for all levels.

Meditation: Using a blend of gentle stretches and various mindfulness practices to produce a deep state of relaxation with a tranquil mind. 

Gentle Yoga: This class is for any level looking to feel like they just got a massage. With the use of yoga blocks, straps and bolsters you will be taken through a series of different postures and stretches. You will feel healthy and relaxed leaving this class.

Hip Opener Yoga: Loosen up those tight hips in our Hip Opener practice. This class is a series of stretches and poses that will strengthen and lengthen your body with emphasis on the lower half of the body. You will leave this class feeling restored, stretched and full of bliss. 

Hatha Yoga: Come stretch away stress in a class that helps bring you into your body and breath via conscious movement. This is a nourishing practice that moves through yoga postures with alignment instructions. Modifications are offered to work around injuries and levels. This class is suitable for beginners and ongoing students. 

Zumba is a Latin Dance based exercise program designed to increase your endorphins as well as your heart rate. Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia and many more styles make Zumba a fun way to workout!